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old rooster


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A farmer had a lot of laying hens and just one rooster. One day he decided the old rooster needed some help with the ladies so he bought a young rooster.

The young rooster pranced around the yard crowing and letting all the ladies know he had arrived. When he saw the old rooster he said to him 'Well I quess you will have to leave now that I have taken your job. You are just too old to take care of the hens so the farmer got me to replace you".

The old rooster said " can't I have just one hen. You keep all the rest and I'll be satisfied with just one."

"No" said the young rooster they are all mine get lost." The old rooster replied " How about a race around the barn. If I win I can have one hen if you win I'll leave".

The young rooster was so sure of himself he agreed to the race. After all he was young and strong, he had nothing to fear from that old rooster. He would be done with him once and for all.

They lined up side by side ready to run when the old rooster paused, "Can't you give me a little head start sense you are so young and strong?" Sure" agreed the young rooster, what could that hurt.

The old rooster took off running and after a minute the young rooster followed. When the young one rounder the corner a shot rang out and he fell over dead.

"Damn" said the farmer " that's the third gay rooster this week". :lol:

The moral of this story is the young might be quicker and stronger but wisdom comes with age :!:

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