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NEED INFO--Confusion;profuse sweating 6 wks after last chemo


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My Mother finished Cystplatin/CPT 11 about 6 weeks ago and has done well since; even after a devastating 5 months of being nearly bedridden, she bounced back very well. Even had started getting back out of the house. She is 68 years old and was diag with SCLC limited only 1 lymph involed and has no mets anywhere else. Recent Rescans even show no spread and no brain mets. All labs are good and she is back up to being normal on everything including HGB. She rec 2 pints of blood first part of April.


Last week she all of the sudden went down hill............she became confused/disoriented. She was sweating so profusely she soaks everything she sat or laid on in no time. Her BP was way to low and then the next day tooo high. Everything looked good at the hospital with the exception of the EKG(ischemic changes indictive of a heart attack) and a touch of a bladder infection. She may have been a little dehydrated also. Although the lab works did not show it. OH and she was also retaining fluid too. They gave her fluids. They did a stress test and an echo of her heart and they were normal. The cardio and the oncologist said 'Oh, its side effects from chemo'. Friday we took her back for fluids because she was not drinking anything and still sweating. Her confusion came back yesterday with a vengence and I figured we would have to have her back at the hospital today---but by this morning she was clearheaded again and back to eating and drinking water. Well, I am concerned that something else is going on here. Just can't figure out what.

IN your opinions is this normal 'after chemo symptoms???' OR should we be looking for more answers and what should we ask about since we are visiting the doctors tomorrow and tues????

Thanks so Much,

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hey there. I am sorry to hear about your mom's diffiiculties. Nothing in any of this is normal. Please ask lots of questions at docs office and all in sooner if needed. I hope they have some answers and she will start feeling better soon. Take care


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thanks for replying. She was told yesterday she is in Clinical Remission. Yeah!

This whole confusion thing is still confusing though. She is seeing a nerologist next month so maybe he can shed some light on this. I ask so many questions sometimes they don't like me very much. haha Hey, but I don't really care what the doctors think of me. Ya know, this whole ordeal has been so confusing for us due to the fact that no one every wants to take responsiblity for 'side effects' they all seem to want to put it off on the other doctors. Very annoying to say the least.

I have felt though all along that this confusion she is having is not a chemo thing. And since her MRI was okay............or should I say it did not show any cancer. They never mention anything else at the CCenter.

I am going to stay on this and hopefully it will eiter resolve itself or the Nero can shed light on it.

Thanks again.

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