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The following day, I felt great :D , probably due to the dexadron in the cocktail. The day after that wasn't so good and the next morning I would wake up with leg and back pains in addition to feeling generally awful. That lasted a day or so and then I'd start to feel better. I don't remember what I started out on to combat nausea, but I soon moved on to Zofran which helped a lot. Compazine and ativan also helped. My hair started falling out on day 14 - just as I was told it would.

Good luck!


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Tom is treated with Carbo/Taxol only and he started feeling effects within a couple of days as well. He has never been bothered with nausea as they give him an infusion of Aloxi before chemo and he has never taken anything else for it. He has had the general fatigue all along and leg pain which is mostly from the neulasta the day after chemo. That usually lasted only about 5 days and then he started feeling better. Since diagnosis he still manages to go to work every day through treatment even after now adding radiation to the plan. Today was day 5 of 35 and we will see what the cummulative effects of that bring with time. Tom also started losing his after about 2 weeks.

Best of luck!!


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