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Pain meds and chemo

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Dave seems to have an increasing amount of days of "fog", which is what I call his mind being spacy! He is unable to finish thoughts often and very very forgetful as far as short-term memory. Dr told me it was a chemo side-effect but he is also on Oxycodone for the painful shoulder bone met and I wonder if that is contributing? I am tempted to ask more about the radiation for his shoulder, he needs to have more QUALITY of life. Next Wednesday is the scheduled last chemo of the Taxol/Carbo/Avastin then we have a CT Scan again and see what is going on. I am really tempted to push for the radiation no matter what, just to see if less pain meds and pain would help with these cognitive problems. Has anyone had this side-effect from chemo only?


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Tom has a little bit of that too. Not so much in a fog but it takes him a while sometimes to get out what he is thinking. It's like his brain is working faster than his mouth can move. I can basically pick up on the context clues and help him out though. The only pain med he is on is the Tramadol which seems to help him. His pain is not so severe though and has no bone mets. So I can't say that he knows how that feels. I hope Dave gets some relief soon.

((((Dave & Deb)))))


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My Dad could not take any Narcotics. Whenever he took them he went into "Loop Land". His mind was in a total fog. They tried 7 different ones on him with the same results. His Lung cancer went to his spine and the only thing he could take was Tylonal.

I would take to the Dr. and let them know what is happening - they can try to lower the dose or change the med.

Keeping you both in my thoughts.

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Hi Deb. It's called "chemo" brain and is quite common. I definitely experienced the fogginess and the short term memory thing. I would park my car at the grocery store and come out 10 minutes later and have no idea where it was. I was fearful that my mind was going to be affected longer term. At some point though, really only a number of weeks after my chemo was over, I realized my mind was just fine (well maybe not fine, but at least back to the way it was!). Yes, I would push hard also for radiation to relieve the pain. Take care


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