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Is it normal to feel so good?


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I want to tell you all what support you've been to me. I don't post much but I'm on here everyday. I was diagnosed with nsclc in August 2003 (sorry that first month was such a horrific blur I can't remember dates). I've had 6 treatyments of taxol and carboplatin and have not been sick or tired yet. My doctor didn't stage me until last week because he wasn't sure about two spots showing up on my PET scan. Last week he told me they were indeed cancer and I am Stage IV! It just all seems so weird. A dry cough in August is what brought me to the doctor but a dose of antiobiotics took that away. I just feel weird (and thankful!) to feel so well when I am so sick. My tumor has reduced in size by two thirds. Is the worst yet to come?


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Is the worst yet to come?

Glad you're feeling good! Everyone experiences tx differently, and you've certainly been tolerating yours without probs.

While you're strong (and especially still newly-diagnosed) is a great time to seek second/third/fourth opinions and go for a multi-disciplinary, multi-specialty work-up & evaluation at least one major LC treatment center .

Turned away (sent home to die) for further treatment by 2 successive hometown Oncs, we went to 3 major LC tx centers...same story at first 2, but the THIRD treated me...3 years ago...and am NED tonight!

There are far too many variances in LC dx, Oncologists' approaches & attitudes, clinical modalities, "standards"-of-care, monitoring, management, etcetera NOT to seek the broadest & widest assessments humanly possible.

Always better sooner than later...

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I was diagnosed in April 2002 and underwent same chemo as you. I had reduction in my tumor. In January 2003 my tumor started slow growth. In May 2003 I started on Iressa/ZD6474 clinical trail and I have held stable since that time. Chemo was pretty dibilitating for me inasmuch as I immediately developed neuropathy and it became rather severe. Because of that, I am delighted to be being held stable without the side effects of chemo.

If you need more treatment, you might want to have a plan in place that will not involve intensive chemo. There are other options and I hope you will check them out.

Best wishes for a positive approach to your future...we will all be pulling for and with you.



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Hi Cherbut, first of all, I am so sorry about your diagnosis. I also wanted to respond to your post, as my mom was dx'ed with Stage IV. lung cancer back in April and also went through a number of cycles (7) of carboplatin and taxol. My mom tolerated these drugs extremely well for about 6 cycles - the only problem was falling white blood cell counts, so they finally took her off it. My mom still feels great (physically anyway) and like you, these drugs were quite effective for her. Incidentally, my mom never did get sick or have any pain. She initially went in for a lump on her neck, which turned out to be mets. to the lymph nodes.

A stage IV. dx is very scary (I can read the fear in your words), but the fact that you feel good is a huge asset in fighting this cancer. My mom has done amazingly well (there is no longer any visible cancer in her chest area, there is just some in her armpits that have grown slightly) and I firmly believe that her "feeling good" has played a huge role. Because of it, she has been eating well and has been able to tolerate the chemo well. It sounds like you have also done well and always remember that there are people with worse cases than yours who have beaten this rotten disease.

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Hi Cherbut,

My wife just received her 4th round of Taxol/Carboplatin yesterday and she is doing great. She receives it every 3 weeks and while her blood count goes down a bit, Aranesp (sp.) is helping her in getting back on track. We learned to live one day at a time.

Good luck


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