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I've had an idea......


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I was thinking that with next month being LC Awareness that maybe there could be a signature banner (or ticker) made to symbolise this, but if anybody wanted one then they could purchase it for a small donation (Maybe $2) and the proceeds could go to the LC Foundation?

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No, it sounds like a GREAT idea but I'm not sure that I am capable of doing that on our message board site- it would have to be something done one the actual lungevity site, the homepage or written into the header of the site. Let me bring this up to the LUNGevity office and see if this is something they want to or are able to do.

Right now everyone is working hard to get their events off next month- being a satellite walker is also a good way to support LCAM (Lung Cancer Awareness Month). I had a friend from here satellite for Boston's first year and she lived in Manchester so anyone can do it!

I'll forward this to the lungevity office and let you know what they say!

Thank you!!!

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Ah. I thought that it could be done here.

Like I have my friend make the siggy and/or ticker and then I put one on mine for people to see. If they would like one then they just click to donate at the top, make their donation, let me know and then I would send them the info for the siggy/ticker.

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