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Has anyone researched the use of Cesium ?

Apparently it is the most alkaline substance that we humans can ingest without harm (in proper doses).. and is being used by some to treat cancer (typically after conventional care)

Does anyone have much information on an high Alkaline diet to increase the Oxygenization of cells in the body. Apparently, a highly "acidic" diet helps cancer out (due to increases in its ability to assimilate blood glucose).. whereas, a highly "alkaline" diet moves oxygen into the blood (and theoritically into the cells)... research has shown that cancer cannot exist in a high oxygen environment.

I have a book on this theory that suggests diet & lifestyle changes to reduce the intake and production of acid.



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I don't know of anyone personally on this type of diet, but at one point someone sent me an email on the subject. I have included it below.



"It is both simple, and complex: acidifying activities include stress-response, staying up late, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, eating certain foods, mostly meats.

I have compiled a list of books, some of which directly address the issue. http://www.life-enthusiast.com/company/books.htm

There is a fairly well known system of alkalizing that is just too simple and

inexpensive. It was known as "natural hygiene" in the Henry Ford days. he was practising it, together with Thomas Edison, and others.

It is not about specific foods, it is about how you combine them. You can eat anything, just not at the same time as some other things. The bottom line is that disting proteins requires acid environment, and digesting carbohydrates requires alkaline environment. If you mix the two, it is like mixing vinegar with baking soda - you get heat and lots of bubbles.

So to answer it simply - it is a lifestyle issue, and it is not difficult to


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