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  1. Good to hear your lung function is good. The SUV is the standardized uptake value. It is a value that indicates how much glucose is "consumed" by the area. An SUV of < 4 is supposed to be less likely cancer from what I understand or at least *might* indicate a less aggressive cancer. I am not positive about the this but you might want to ask the Dr Good luck
  2. I just found a site that showed the average doubing time for squamous cell to be 86-88 days. Median of 100 days for doubling time Remember there is probably some error in the measurement of the tumor so the could be less growth Is it a central tumor (like most squamous cell) or peripheral? Error rate in measuring growth rate: 7% Minimal difference observable by CT: 0.3 mm Smallest nodules that can be reliably seen with CT: 2 mm Good luck
  3. radiation as cat127 mentioned is for local control. Many recurrences occur locally so the radiation it to reduce the chance of a local occurence. Chemo is systemic and will hopefully kill or stop any distant metastasis, but may not provide adequate local control. I don't think chemo alone is sufficient from what I have read, but I am not a Dr Are there any plans for surgery after the chemo? If this is the case make sure the surgeon is good because there can be complications caused by the chemo. http://theoncologist.alphamedpress.org/ ... l/10/5/335
  4. john

    Proton Therapy?

    BTW. Have you asked the Drs if you will ever be a candidate for surgery.
  5. I think TNM staging classifies ipsilateral ("same side") pulmonary nodules as Stage IIIb if it is on the other side of the lung "contralateral" then it is Stage IV. I think if there is no lymph node involvement then a resection might be possible. Also ask the Dr if the cancer is BAC. There may be a chance of having a double cancer. Lung cancer of two different types. You could ask the Dr about this. ============================== edited Sorry, I misread your post. What treatment did you have before the new nodule showed up? Take care.
  6. john

    chemo vs radiation

    Radiation is a local therapy and chemo is a whole body therapy. Radiation will only work where the radiation is directed. That is the main difference.
  7. http://www.biparsciences.com/BSI201.html As Ned and Randy said. Gemzar / carboplatin (chemo doublet) Both gemzar and carboplatin are supposed to have less side effects that other chemo such as cisplatin. with BSI-201 it is supposed to target the PARP enzyme. Is there a test for this enzyme and does you mom have this enzyme? Good luck
  8. I very rare cases when SCLC is caught very early surgery can be done. I think there can be no lymph node involvement
  9. Your Dr may bring up PCI also so you might want to do research on this. It is good your are getting such a great response to chemo and the side effects have not been too bad. I think that is why your Dr wants a couple more cycles.
  10. It can't hurt to get a 2nd opinion. I believe the link below does show a slight improvement with more cycles for those who had a good response. Though I don't have a med degree so ... take it for what it is worth http://annonc.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/co ... 13/10/1519
  11. I just read that radiation can be given for "curative intent". You might also want to ask about Tarceva since you are a non-smoker. One thing to consider would be what Dr has the best reputation and with whom do you feel comfortable? Radiation can cause fibrosis so both options (I think) can affect lung function. Take care.
  12. john

    PET scan

    Solitary pulmonary nodule. A nodule is less than 2cm (I believe). If it is greater than 2cm it is called a mass. Most lung cancers are solitary nodules or masses. Multiple nodules are often (but not always) metastasis or something else and not a primary lung tumor Sometimes a multiple nodules are lung cancer but I think it is less likely. If something is greater than 2-3 cm in the lung it is more likely to be cancer.
  13. john

    PET scan

    From a Dr on the web:
  14. john

    PET scan

    Getting a 2nd opinion like you are doing is a good idea. If it is a low uptake tumor, then it should be not very aggressive. There are bunch of factors that determine the percentage of being malignant versus benign. You could ask the Dr what the percent chance it is malignant. This may help your decision. Good luck
  15. Surgery is the best option for a cure. There is another survivor on this web site that had a whole side of the lung removed and now is competing in mountain bike races at a pretty high level. You could ask a bout wedge resections where they don't take as much lung out but ultimately the surgeon will know best The surgeon will also probably do a lymph node disection. Ask if the surgeon routinely does a full dissection versus sampling. I have read that a full dissection is best but you might want to ask the Dr Best of luck. It is good that what ever it is it is caught early and I hope i
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