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Radiation for back mets ?


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Has anyone had radiation for back mets? I have an appointment with a radiation oncologist about radiating the mets in my back. I don't know what to expect



October 9, 2007 to Pulmonary Specialist and biopsy taken of tumor blocking air duct in lung. Adenocarcanoma Lower lob of left lung colapsed.

Asked Church Family to pray for my complete healing and turned it over to my Lord and Savior Jesus.

October 19, 2007 thorcentisis to take fluid around lung. no cancer found in fluid. At this it appeared to operable.

October 23, 2007 PET scan showed lymp node involvement and also right lung. IIIB or IV

October 26, 2007 Oncologist. Prognosis 6 months without chemo.Maybe a year with.

Decided to go down fighting

October 31, 2007 First chemo. Taxol,caboplatin and avastin

Taxol,caboplatin and avastin through January 2, 2008 every 3 weeks with reduction of tumor to barely visible on ct scan and lymph nodes not visible on ct scan. Lung had re inflated within a week of starting chemo

Continued Avastin every three weeks till August 27, 2008 when a new "spot" showed on my back on bone scan August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008 Zometa infusion and Tarceva oral (Started September 3, 2008 because drug store had to get some shipped in)

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I had three mets on my spine. I had 14 radiation treatments. It was very easy - I was marked for placement (they give you a very small dot tattoo - so they only have to mark you once) and the radiation itself took about 5 minutes. You just lie on your back on the table and you don't feel a thing. I didn't even need to get undressed. There was no pain - and in fact the treatments took the pain from the mets away. In all of this it was a piece of cake!

Good luck - prayers are with you


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Hi Ruth. I have mets in my lower left spine. I received 2 large blasts of radiation in May 2008 (14 greys total). Janet is right, the radiation treatments themselves are really nothing to get through compared to chemo. I was in considerable pain before the radiation. And as the doctor said, my pain got worse after the radiation treatments before it got better. It did get somewhat better for some time but I still struggle with significant pain and controlling that pain. I think there is probably something more now that needs to be done in my case and I will be pursuing that. My sleep has been significantly affected. In addition to the spine mets, I also developed a nerve problem in my right leg. It is also very painful and is being caused by the pressure on my spine from the spine mets.

Radiation can also be very effective though in shrinking the tumor and in relieving pain. I pray that is the case for you.

I also note that there does seem to be a difference in approach for radiation between the US and Can. I received 2 bigger blasts but know that many in the US receive several smaller ones. In the end, it is the amount of greys that is important and either approach is just as effective. For me, it meant less trips to the radiation machine.

Take care


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