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Happy Thanksgiving Friends.....


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I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already here. I think that Thanksgiving is great. There are so many things to reflect on that we are grateful for and we have a day to remind us to do this. This year I am grateful that I have a job and that we are able to make ends meet for the most part. We are like a lot of others and still struggle a bit but I know that it could be worse.

I am so thankful for the country that I have to live in. We have a lot of changes that are going to be taking place. This does make me a little nervous , as we have so many challenges to face but I do know that change can be good. I am l proud to live in this country and to have the freedom and rights that I have, thanks to all of the men and women that have served in our military to keep those freedoms safe.

But most important I am so grateful for my family and friends. As years go by you seem to loose contact with friends. There are some that you may not hear from for awhile, but when you do talk to each other it seems like there has not been any time lost, these are the true friends. I am so grateful to have them! I am so grateful for my children and the things that they have taught me and the support that have given me! I am also thankful for my husband and all he has done to help our "broken" family find happiness once again. I found this little saying that fits real well!

Having someone to love is family

Having somewhere to go is home

Having both is a blessing!

I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to take the time to reflect on the things that you are grateful for! I know this time of year is such a challenge for so many of us, as we try to deal with life without a loved one. I hope we can always remember that we have each other to help us through this journey called life.

Thanks you, my friends, for being here and truly caring!!!

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