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Ellen is Virginia57!


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Moderators put this where you need to. I'm late doing it and am in a rush even now--have to take the rental car back!

Hi Judy,

I'm Ellen (aka batman and ellenp). Seems as if my real log in name is Virginia57 so I can't pick up any of the pms that were sent Tuesday. Would you pass along my identity if this is you? Thanks! (Maybe I'll get better at this by next Tues).


Judy in Key West

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Thanks Ellen. Reminds me of the time when someone asked why I signed my name Judy in Key West. Guess they thought I was bragging about where I live, but I had noticed there was already a Judy-OK. And the first part of my email address "jaminkw" is my initials "jam" "in" and "kw" for Key West. I thought it was a little clever--you know, like jamin in Key West. Oh well, guess you have to be here. But see, Ellen in PA is good! Frankly, I love PA. Some of the best years of my life were spent in Kutztown, PA.

Judy in Key West

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