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Morning all. Early morning all. Hope everyone who celebrates had a Merry Christmas. I didn't even get in Christmas morning to say it. My daughter arrived 7 am and my grandson woke me to start his presents. From then on thru Christmas dinner and extra guests before and after dinner it was happy bedlam. Yesterday, my daughter and I got up and went to the after Christmas Fast Buck Freddie's sale. FBF's is Key West's answer to a department store. It's really a large boutique. For those of you who don't know Key West, land is scarce so we have no traditional malls or Walmarts. We make do with a small Sears, KMart and Ross.

We're up early to pack the RV and go off to Port St Lucie. My husband will leave from there to work up North and probably get a little hunting in while he's there. I will probably be off the site a bit for awhile longer. I will be going from PSL to Oviedo to visit my son and his family. In between I'll make the hour drive to Boyton Beach for an eye doctor appointment. My grandson will probably stay with me as long and as much as he can! I'll be glad when it's time to rest! I admit, I am really tired.

Enough complaining, I thought several times through Christmas how happy I was to be here and how much better I am this year than last. If I'm not onboard for awhile, continue to enjoy the holidays.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning all.

Judy - I am so happy that you are feeling well and able to enjoy your holidays this year.

Our christmas was going good until we got to my friend's house and Tom started eating everything in site. Every time I turned around he had something else in his mouth. I jumped on him several time about it. Well about a half hour after dinner was done he wasn't feeling well. We tested him and his sugars were 461 which was no surprise to me. So we went home and he took his glyburide and we retested him after 2 hours and it was down slightly to 405. Will he never learn.

In the middle of all that I got a call from Christy saying that at the last minute when they were all dressed and ready to go to the city O'Brien's mom called and said she had to work and would not be coming to get them. So they stayed home with no christmas and no food. My friend pack them up some food and we dropped it off on the way home so they would at least have a christmas dinner.

It was a good thing I had Jayla the night before so she at least got to have a holiday. Poor baby. I am wondering when they are going to smarten up and not trust OB's mom because she is always saying she is going to do something and cancels at the last minute saying she has to work. It was verified that she was not at work so she lied. Why on a holiday of all days?

On another note Tom, Viv and I got up yesterday and spent the day out O2 free. We went for breakfast and then some shopping and putzing around. We were out for about 6 hours and Tom did excellent. No worse for the wear. I was so proud of him.

Today we have 60 degree weather but it is raining. We have flash flood warnings out because of all the snow melting on top of all the rain. Right now we have a heavy fog that just rolled in about half hour ago. hopefully that will lift as I have places to go and people to see.

Sorry for the long post.

Have a great day all.


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