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Stage IIIB now stage IV?


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The x-rays yesterday confirm mets in my mother in law's spine and questionable in the right hip. Now, the doctor said that she is stage IV instead of IIIB. Is that because it's now in the bones? Prior to this, she had it in her right lung, esophogus (sp?), and one lymph node near her neck.

The course of treatment that they are purposing is chemo (Carbo and Toxal) or a clinical trial of chemo and ABT-510. ABT-510 is a shot that she would have to give herself daily. The idea is that ABT-510 should restrict the blood vessel production to the tumors. Before doing this, she would need an MRI of the brain to be sure that there are no mets there. They don't expect any but that's what they said before the bone scan too.

If she decides to get treatment, she will start chemo next Wed. If not, I'm sure that she only has weeks/months left with us.

Is there a standard # of treaments sessions? We have a conference call with the doctor tonight so I'm sure that he'll answer all of the questions then. My brain is going is so many different directions right now. I just can't think clearly.

Has anyone experienced this treatment plan?

Thanks again!

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I'm not a doctor so I can't help you much with regards to treatment alternatives. My wife is on Carbo-Taxol - she has received 4 treatments so far - and she is tolerating is pretty good. New scans are scheduled in January and we are hoping it is working. We are far from talking about CURE but at least she has no pain and we can still live a - somewhat - decent family life.

Keep in mind, the decision belongs to your Mother-In-Law. Good luck


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I just wanted to jump in with my two cents worth. Hope it might help your MIL. I went to the doctor last week. I had a lung removed in 6/03. Prior to surgery I had carbo/taxol. The doctor made this statement about the chemo that "the combination of carbo/taxol was really doing the job and that he had been seeing noyhing but good results. By the way my tumor was 7.5 cm and was inoperable. When he removed the lung there was only a microscopic trace left. I ask him if that was before or after surgery and he said BEFORE. The chemo had shrunk it away. Anyway I wanted to let you know about my results with Carbo/Taxol. Keep in mind that everyone is different and your MIL may not see the results that I did. Take Care and God Bless.


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