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ABT-510 questions?


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Has anyone heard of or participated in a clinical trial with ABT-510?

My mother in law's NSCLC has now been changed from Stage IIIB to Stage IV after a bone scan and x-rays confirmed that there is cancer in at least two places in her spine and might also be in her right hip. As a result, she no longer qualifies for the clinical trial of chemo/radiation and OSI 774.

The doctors are wanting her to try another study that includes Carbo and Taxol along with ABT-510. ABT-510 would need to be injected daily into her stomach. From what I understand, and I may be completely wrong, ABT-510 is supposed to stop blood vessel growth to cancer. The risk involved include bleeding at the tumor site. Because of this, she would need a MRI of the brain tomorrow to be sure that there aren't any mets to the brain. She's already had two CTs and a PET scan not show anything but we didn't think that it was in the spine based on these tests either.

Any advice or suggests?

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