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Well I'm getting even more confused now. I have stage 1a adenocarcinoma waiting for op to have it removed.The big delay is caused by the hospital being unable to diagnose what a hot lesion is in my parotid gland .I've had a fna biopsy with no result so this is being repeated and it bl##dy hurts.The specialist says don't worry we'll cut off the top of your lung and you will be fine. I'm worried they are taking too long and the cancer may spread. My GP says don't worry the cancer might have been there for ages a few weeks won't matter. Well I'm worried and some of the posts here make me even more concerned. Am I overdoing the worrying?????

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I responded to you through another thread and I'm back to say, don't overworry the delay. From what I am told one characteristic of adenocarcinoma is that it is very slow growing compared to a number of other cancers. Again, I urge you to go to cancergrace.com and ask Dr West. He or one of the other doctors there typically respond within 24 hrs.

Good luck.

Judy in Key West

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