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I'm tired and want to go lay down but if I don't share this I think I will explode. Some of you might remember I lost a dear old college English professor friend last April. On a website dedicated to him, his youngest daughter posted her eulogy. When addressing those congregated, she mentioned a book her dad loved. She had generously provided some for people who were interested. It took awhile but I finally purchased it. I had visited Borders and Barnes and Noble with no luck but was able to get it on Amazon.com. It is called Living Proof, A Medical Mutiny by Michael Gearin-Tosh. It is not a "how to" or "do this" book but my friend's daughter refers to it as an exercise in thinking outside the box about cancer. I find it to be a very compelling read.

I can relate to the author on a very profound level, particularly on following one's intuition. I've said before that if I had to do it again, I would still probably do the big chemos. I'd have been too scared not to and would have not had the energy to buck my family to the extent I know I would have had to. But I would not have done the nine months on Avastin maintenance while my instincts were telling me not to. But woulda coulda shoulda get us no where. If you have made the choice to forego traditional treatment and enjoy a literary style, get this book. You won't be sorry.

Please, anyone who has read it or gets it, let me know what you think.

Judy in Key West

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