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Looking for info in previous post

Peggy H

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My younger sister got bad news on her most recent PET/CT scan - metastatic pleural effusion (which she's had before, treated easily) plus metastatic fluid "in her belly." The doctor said the fluid "in her belly" was because her liver "isn't functioning properly" - she has extensive liver mets.

Has anyone had successful treatment of this condition & does anyone know why liver dysfunction would cause this? Is there anything which can improve liver function? I'm meeting with her oncologist tomorrow & I always like to have suggestions ready.

A couple of months ago she had severe (I mean, she could not walk for several weeks) pain in her calves. I remember seeing a post here about liver dysfunction causing leg pain. Anyone remember that one? I can't find it. Why would that be & what is the treatment?

Thanks for any help.

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Ascites is what the fluid buildup is called in the abdomen.

From http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/help/default.asp?page=103

Ascites can happen for a number of reasons. It does not always mean cancer has spread to the liver. Cancer cells may have spread to the lining of the abdomen. This irritates the lining and causes it to make extra fluid, which builds up in the abdominal cavity.

There are a number of ways cancer in the liver can cause ascites. Cancer may be blocking the normal blood flow through the liver causing a back pressure of fluid. The healthy liver makes proteins that circulate in the blood. The proteins help to keep fluid in the blood and stop it from leaking out into the tissues.

If the liver is damaged, it may not be making enough of these proteins and so fluid tends to leak out and collect in the abdomen or in other parts of the body, such as the feet and ankles. Doctors can drain excess fluid from inside the abdomen by putting in a needle. But unless they can stop the fluid from collecting, it will build up again.

God bless

Keep the faith

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If there are problems in the liver, I heard SAMe may help also Milk Thistle. Dr Weil - MD, a CAM practitioner recommends Milk Thistle. It may or may not help, but it probably wont hurt.

You can get these things at GNC. I think you can get SAMe there. I know you can get Milk Thistle there.

Avoid meat protein, vegtable protein is easier on the liver. Also avoid fats. The liver breaks downs fats and this will put more stress on it.

If the volume of the tumor in the liver is less than 40% or so, I think surgery can be down or chemo-embolism. Also the tumor I believe needs to be contained in one lobe.

I am not a doctor. Do your own research on everything and get 2nd, 3rd opinions from doctors. Then decide for your self. You will have the best opinion in the long run.

Take care,


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