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New GPS for the Body in Texas!!


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New Machine Uses GPS To Deliver Cancer RadiationPLANO (CBS 11 News) ―

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CBS 11 News found a North Texas man who said the GPS made a huge difference in his recovery.

Being diagnosed with cancer was the kind of news 58-year-old Patrick Cassidy said he never expected to hear. "It kind of took my breath away for a while.

Cassidy was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May of 2008. After learning he had the disease, he immediately began doing research. "For me, the best treatment was going to be radiation treatment," Cassidy explained.

But with radiation comes the risk of long-term side effects on quality of life, including lowered libido.

Cassidy soon learned about a new form of radiation that promises to reduce side effects, while still killing the tumor.

North Dallas Radiation Oncology, in Plano, is one of the only Texas facilities using the Calypso 4D Localization System, otherwise known as "GPS" for the body. "It's comprised of three tiny transponders which are about the size of a grain of rice. And they're the implanted in the prostate by their urologist," explained radiation oncologist Dr. Ratna Sajja.

Animation, provided to CBS 11 News by the manufacturer, showed how transponders help track subtle movements in the prostate during treatment. This allows the machine to deliver radiation only to the areas that need it most.

Since healthy tissue receives less radiation during the treatment, the chances of long-term side effects are greatly reduced.

"Once the treatments were completed, within a week or two, I was completely back to normal and I was so thankful for that," said Cassidy.

Cassidy's prostate-specific antigens are down from four, to below one, which is much closer to normal. And the patient couldn't be happier. "I'm just totally pleased with the whole process."

The Calypso 4D machine is FDA approved for prostate cancer treatment and researchers are looking at whether it may also help patients with breast, lung and pancreatic cancers.

The contact information for North Dallas Radiation Oncology Center is:

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