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My father has SCLC......


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Hi everybody,

My dad has Sclc that was realized accidentally at the end of October 2002. Doctors said that it was in limited stage. Just 1 week after setting up the diagnosis, they began to give him chemoteraphy. He received it in 6 rounds (3 days in in every 3 weeks) and just right after the second round the tumor almost completely disappeared. He received radiation to his chest and to his brain as well (for preventive reasons) in january 2003. It was the end of april when the chemo treatments finished and my dad looked and felt very good.

He is in perfect phisical and mental conditions right now as well. He is only 56 years old.

In our country the doctors make Xray scans monthly however CT scans (that is a much more expenive examination) is only possible in every second month. So it was at the beginning of october 2003 when they realized progression in his lymph noodle just next to the lung an the chemoteraphy came again. He receives it 1 day in every 3-4 weeks depending on his „blood results” (i do not know how to say it in english). The latest CT scan was just on monday (this week) and it showed that this tumor indicated in october has shrunked. Yes it is a good news.

The only thing I am really nervous about is that the doctors of my father do not initiating MRi scans for examining his brain (it was only performed 1 year ago when the diagnosis was set up) and they have not examined his liver.

I really hope that we can spend together the christmass of year 2004 as well.

Thanks for hearing me.



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Welcome, I don't know too much about SCLC, but I am sure more people will be here later tonight and will be able to give you more insight. I think CT scans here in the US are also done about every 2-3 months. I would really try and get a MRI for the brain though.


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Nicky, welcome! It is great that your dad is almost 14 months since diagnosis, same as my wife. Sounds like things are going well, and I hope also that your dad is around for Christmas 2004. But enjoy Christmas 2003 first! We definitely are celebrating that my wife is still here. Best to you. Don

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Nicky, welcome to the boards-I am sorry that this is necessary for you, but am very happy that you have found us. My dad was originally misdiagnosed with SCLC in January 2002-in October 2002-due to the fact that chemo was not having any affect on the cancer-yet it didn't spread-another biopsy proved that he actually had NSCLC. So, I have a bit of experience with treatments regarding SCLC, and also with NSCLC.

I agree that an MRI is in order, but it is so good that your dad had the preventive radiation to the brain (so that the 'blood/brain' barrier is broken and the chemo should, as a result, be able to hit the brain as well. I also suggest that you request a bone scan, just to be sure that there are no mets (metasis) developing in the bone.

It is wonderful that your father is responding so well with the chemo, we have a member here (Lynn), and her dad was a 20 year SCLC survivor!!! So your dad can beat this thing. Also a member named Laurie's mom is in remission, and has been doing very well.

Let us know how you make out with getting some further tests scheduled, I can concur that my dad is usually scheduled for CT scans every 3 months-since his diagnosis almost 2 years ago.

Good luck to you and your dad, and remember that we are here for you. Take care, Deb

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