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Noni juice


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My brother is buying noni juice that costs 30 bucks a bottle from a health vitality store in LA. In walmart I saw it at 9.99. Does anyone know if there is a difference between these products. Is the Wal mart one not pure?

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Some time ago someone on the board indicated that they were suppliers (?) of Noni juice and cautioned to only use the "Morinda" type. Be sure to compare the labels of the two products. I have purchased the more expensive type from a natural food store and the label proclaimed:

•no fumigation

•no pesticides

•no GMOs

•no irradiation

•no preservatives

•guaranteed fresh

•no rotten or fermented Noni

If the cheaper one doesn't list such precautions, I might be sceptical. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Going to the top of this page and doing a SEARCH for "Noni" will bring up several other mentions of Noni Juice; most of them are under the Alternative Therapies Forum.

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Yes, there is a dramatic difference in the Noni product. The second post is correct. Morinda makes Tahitian Noni Juice and it's definitely a superior product from everything that I have seen. For more info. you can e-mail at hoobert@hotmail.com. Good luck in finding an alternative that works for your brother.

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