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Heavy Breathing...

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Tom seemed more breathless than usual today.

He really wasn't doing much of anything and I asked him why he was breathing so heavy.

He said because he couldn't hardly breathe. He said it sucks, this not being able to breathe, it just really sucks.

We still have another month before the PET scan. I am just keeping my everything crossed for good results.


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It could be something as simple as too much humidty. I know that way before I had a cancer dx (in my 30s), I would have trouble breathing when the humidity was high. Although, I do not know the weather situation where you are, a little time spent in an air conditioned area (a/c removes humidity from the air) might give some relief.

Also I would not wait to contact his Dr.s if it continues.


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Dawn is right and it could be humidity. It could also be dust, pollen, anything in the air. The last time it happened to me I was simply retaining fluid for some reason I still don't know. Tom is right, not being able to breathe does suck. If it isn't better by tomorrow, you might want to call the doctor as there might be something the doctor could give him that would help.

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Hi Denise - Hugs and prayers for you and Tom. Glenn is having a lot of trouble with congestion from allergies. I heard that from several patients waiting in the pulmonologis's office the other day. Hope it's just seasonal stuff!

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