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Hair Loss


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I had cisplatin/gemcitabine.

My hair hurt each cycle, but did not fall out. Then, after I was done with chemo, for the next month and a half, my hair thinned to about 1/2 (I had thick hair.) It stopped, for the most part. I know my hair is different, but most people don't notice. Interestingly, my haircutter brought to my attention that you could see the cycles in my hair. Each 3/4" or so, was alternating color/texture! Like tree rings of growth.

I did have remarkably less hair on my legs and underarms during chemo - no shaving needed! And lightening of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Radiation came after - no hair loss. And things started back to normal overall. Not sure if my head will be as thick in the future.

The docs should be able to tell her if hair loss is common with etopside. It shows as a possible side effect on line.

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