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Hi. my name is Israel, i'm from Florida. i am 22 years old trying to enter pre-med school. i want to be an oncologist, mainly because my grandmother has lung cancer and another 2 relatives died from it. i hate the disease. i'm just learning about Cancer, so i came here looking forward to learn about it and talk to people with experience. i hope age doesn't matter here as i just saw something not too nice happen to a young guy on the board. i'm not that young, but just checking.


PS: forgot to add that i've been around the board for over a month now, but i just decided to join.

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Welcome Isreal,

It is sad that we all have to be here. Don't worry about the age, we have all ages here on this forum. I am truly sorry to hear about your grandma. I will be praying for her. You will find a lot of information, caring people and "SURVIVORS" here on this board. Maybe someday, YOU will find a "Cure" for this awful disease. Please visit us frequently and share whatever information that you have and keep us posted on how your grandma is doing. Also, please ask questions. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this board...

God Bless


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