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Water Rights


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One morning as an old rancher was about to start his chores

an agent from the bureau of interior affairs drove onto his ranch.

The old rancher asked if he could help him and the agent said

"I'm here to inspect your property for the proper water restrictions

and alocation criteria."

The old rancher just said, "okay mister just don't go in

that pasture down there."

The agent became indignant with him, pulled out his business

card and said, "this card says that I am a duly sworn agent of

the United States govenment and I am here to look at

anything and to go anywhere I want to go, do you understand me?"

The old rancher just shrugged his shoulders and headed out to do his

chores. A little while later the rancher heard the agent screaming

for help as he was running across the pasture with a 2000 lb. bull

in hot pursuit. The rancher yelled over at him,

"Your card, show him your card!!!!!"

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