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Wednesday's Air


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Hey Judy I hope you dont mind I started this today. I did it because this is just the way my morning is going. I woke up at 345am wide awake all "gung ho" to get ready for work and run and get gas, go the atm, get some coffee then come back and get the kids ready for daycare. Well gas station was closed but I ran my debit (so we are ok there), My bank is inside of a grocery store and what grocery store does NOT open til 6am???????? So I thought I am not getting things accomplished and then I shoot over to Starbucks thankfully they were open. So I order my coffee and head home and as I am pulling in my driveway I spill my coffee. WHAT! :evil: So I just decided that I would start off the Air because if I didnt I am sure the rest of my dad would be running behind and I would not be able to have posted today. Nothing really bad happening just the small annoying stuff that is irritating.

Thankfully my hair and eyebrows look good while I am doing it though lol :D

Oh weather wise 90 degrees the next 3 days I would say that is plenty warm.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Weds.

Heidi in Washington

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Hey Heidi in Washington, warm there cold here in NY. They said it went down in the forties last night. Not wonder I had a bad night. I HATE the cold.

Hope you day is proceeding smoother than it started. I know I'm feeling a little better. I usually avoid Sudafed with my bp issue but when I'm desparate, I say I'm taking it anyway.

Judy in Mansfield PA

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