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Saturday's air


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Hey where is everyone?? I hope all is well with you all.

I was supposed to go Thursday night to see Dianmond Rio in concert but my friend who was driving couldn't afford the ticket. She was disappointed and so was I.

Last night turned out to be really nice. Shasta County started a new program this year of movies in the park on Friday nights. Last night was the first time I got to go. It was beautiful the temperature was around 80 and the movie was set up at the amphitheater in Anderson River park. The park runs along the Sacramento River. There are big cottonwood trees and redwood trees as well as oak. In another section of the park the Italian Festival was going on. There were children running and playing on the swings, people playing frisbe and others out walking their dogs. There were even people fishing in the river. This is all free and is taking place in a different park each month. The first month it was here in Redding and then in Anderson. Starting next month it will be here in Redding again of the lawn of the civic center next to our beautiful Sundial Bridge. Then the next month on the lawn at Simpson College just a few miles from here.

The movie we saw last night was an old one and one of my favorites, Raiders of the Lost Ark. It really wouldn't have mattered what the movie was. The whole experience was just great. We even stopped on the way and had Popeyes fried chicken. That was the first time I have had Popeyes sense I moved from Louisiana. So much for my diet but going off it once in a while seems to do more good than harm.

I guess I had better get busy and do some housework, I keep putting it off. Sure not like I used to be that's for sure. Good news is that tomorrow for the first time in over 20 days our temperature is supposed to be below 100. Maybe I can go for a walk a couple of days the week coming.

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Went swimming this morning at the Y, then picked up some salmon to grill for dinner. The Blue Angels will be buzzing the house in the next hour or so - part of the SeaFair Festival.

Spent yesterday on a car trip in the Skagit Valley. Coolest day all week, so that was good. The scenery there never fails to inspire me. No wonder it has drawn artists for decades. Had the best cookie - a shortbread cookie with pine nuts and rosemary.

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I love seeing the pride in your posts about where you live. That's how I feel about my home. This weekend is Deer creek days festival in a little town 15 minutes from here and it's their 100 yr anniversary, all kinds of fun things planned. My lungs are so bad that i can't go do it but I still feel pride that there is so much to be done. Think I'll just rest today, go to church tomorrow and hopefully feel a bit better by Monday. Have a whole weekend everyone, parts of it will be great.


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Hi everyone,today has been a good day very unlike yesterday. Yesterday I sat and waited all day for the electrician who was supposed to come and look at the dryer but he never did show. Last night I went to the cancer walk here in town and I was on my ex wifes team. About 2 hours into it a bad thunderstorm started. It got real mean looking out and hailed and rained and blew like crazy while we all sat in their tent. It only lasted about 20 minutes but when it was over many tents and displays were leveled and all the luminaries were flattened. Altho I am not a big fan of the American Cancer Society,I really did feel sorry for all the voulenteers who worked so hard to put it on. After that everyone packed up and went home.

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