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  1. Hi Christina, I understand your fear and confusion. I also was dxed with stage 2b. I had surgery with the intention of removing my lower right lobe but after finding a few positive nodes they decided to remove entire right lung and follow up with 4 rounds of chemo. The good news is that was eleven years ago and my last yearly cat scan in January I was still cancer free. I wish you the very best and will say a prayer for good results for you.
  2. Hi Renee and welcome. I hope you can find the answers and comfort that you are looking for here. I was dxed stage 2b nslc in 2005. Prayer said for you for your progress.
  3. Hi Merilee. I remember all so well the emotions and hopes and fears you are having. You can read my profile below which sounds much like yours.I wish you the very very best and never lose HOPE. Thoughts and prayers for you. Mike in Nebraska
  4. Hi folks. I know I haven't been around much lately the last few years and I always enjoyed coming here but I quess my life moved on. Last Friday I seen my onco for my ct results. He said my lung area still looks good but there is a spot on my pancreace that they have been watching for the last 8 years that never showed no change. This year it has grown 1 cm and set set me up for a MRI and a possible biopsy. My mind has been running wild ever since and I am waiting for the results of the MRI. Any and all prayers for good results would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Bruce and Eric. I dont know if you remember me or not. I also joined in 2007 and found this website a treasure. I dont visit much and I really dont remember the last time I posted. It makes me feel guilty because I remember how helpful all the folks were here when I was in some of my darkest days. It has been 10 years now since my dx of nslc stage 2b. My prayers go out to all on this board who are new and overwhelmed with their dx. I hope life has been good to the both of you. It has been for me. Many hardships but hey thats a part of life. Those 3 grandkids I was helping raise at the time and I was so afraid I wouldnt be there for, well one is in his first year of college and his twin sisters are seniors in high school. One was voted homecoming queen 3 weeks ago. If I only had one thing too say to those who are new I would say DONT LOSE HOPE. We dont know what the future holds. Ten years ago I was in the funeral home making plans for my own funeral to save the family a few hardships. I never imagined I would be here 10 years later. Bruce ar e you getting ready for those cold Canadian winters. I still remember you showing a thermastat that showed -30.Brrrr. May God Bless you all. My prayers are with you.
  6. So sorry to hear about your mother. Hopefully a plan of action will be in place before long and that will at least let you know what you are dealing with. I would have you mention to your mothers doctor about the anxiety and depression. They should be able to give her something to help with that. I myself was on a antidepressant called Lexapro for a few years and it helped me tremendously in dealing with the cancer and the anxiety. My thoughts and prayers are with your mother, you and your family. Please keep us updated.
  7. Bobby McGee Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose Nothing ain't worth nothing but its free.
  8. Two thumbs up on the five years Eric. That is awesome!
  9. High of 8 here today and no warm up in site. Cindy. I have a friend who just visited the Alamo and said he was disappointed. Said it was much smaller than he expected. Michelle, I hope you quick and a successful healing on your ankle. My wife broke hers a few years ago and has mended up nicely.I get tired of the cold weather but it wont be long and we will be in tornado watches and those things scare the heck out of me.
  10. Love the picture. Prayer and high hopes that tarceva works well for you.
  11. Hi everyone, nice to see postings again. All you new people please feel free to join in with any questions or comments you have. Typical Nebraska winter day here, cold and more cold forcast. I had kind of a bad way to start my day today. I had 13 homing pigeons in a small loft in my backyard. This morning when I opened it up there were 5 dead ones. I forgot to close the small pigeon entrance door last night after they did there daily flights and I think it must of been a cat that entered sometime thru out the night. I know he will be back so I have the loft predator proof and have mouse traps set all over the landing board. I don't want to kill it but want to make sure he remembers never to come back. I really wish dog and cat owners wouldn't let there pets roam freely. Two months ago I saw two cute little dogs running around the neighborhood chasing each other. They came from behind a parked car and both got hit by the same car and both died. It really wasn't the drivers fault but the owners for letting them run freely in a fairly busy neighborhood. Sorry for posting this in the Just for Fun Forum but just wanted to vent. My wife has been watching Everyone loves Raymond repeats everyday for the last year. I like it ok but do they have to base every show around eating cake? Have a nice Wenesday everyone.
  12. beatlemike


    Prayer said Amy. I hope you can get your mind off of it for awhile altho I know its not easy.
  13. Hi everyone/ Nice day here in the Midwest. Right around 50 degrees. I took a nice long walk. We bought a couple of new recliners last fall and those things are so comfortable that I just kind of turned into a slug. I have done very little movement for the last 4 months and I think that may be what is causing my digestive problems. Anyway Im going to try to walk or do some kind of exercise everyday and hopefully depending on test results I want to get a part-time job. This just sitting around the house all the time is depressing and unhealthy for me and I really don't think its to good for a marriage when you are around each other 24/7. My wife is taking hospice classes and goes to daily mass everyday. I think I am way overdo to get my butt up and start doing something besides looking at tv and a computer screen. Hope you all have a nice day.
  14. beatlemike


    Hi Amy, I personally have never heard of anyone where it has spread to their shins. I read one of your earlier posts about being afraid and that is very natural. For a lot of us every time we cough or get a strange sensation we always think the worst. Sometimes we just let our minds run wild. If it really has you concerned you might want to have it checked out just to calm your nerves. I was a bundle of nerves for the first years. My doc put me on Lexapro a antidepressant and that helped me think more calmly. I am no longer on them but I can still let my mind run wild every once and awhile. My prayers are with you.
  15. Mike from Nebraska here. Dxed stage 2b in Aug. 2005. Just received news of latest yearly ct scan and it says I shows no recurrence or new lung cancer.
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