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Estelleanna is on Iressa and has shown tremendous results. She has had som skin problems, but not enough that skin ointments didn't take care of the problem.

I am on a double blind Phasee II clinical study involving either Iressa or a drug called ZD6474. I don't know which drug I am getting, but the new drug is supposed to do the same as iressa, but with fewer side effects. I have been taking the pils for 12 days now, so far I have had no ill effects. I will be scanned on January 6 and am hoping that the scan will show shrinkage of the tumor in my liver. I will be keeping everyone up tao date was the study progresses.

Thank you for asking. I am sure others, who are on Iressa, or have been on Iressa, will respond. Right now, Iressa appears to be the "magic bullet" for lung cancer. It is still relatively new, so it may be a few years before accurate statistics are available.

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