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Sunday's Air


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As Judy is out on a hall pass, and everyone seems so busy, I thought I would do the Air for today. I hope ya'll don't mind as I am new around here.

Today in North Texas it is working up to be another scorcher, which is usual for this time of the year. I plan on vegging out in the cool, altho I cringe every time the air comes on..

Got a big pot of beans on the stove cooking now so later when it is really warm outside, the kitchen is not heating up cooking dinner. In about an hour I will be letting the fur babies in so they don't over heat.

I hope you all have a good day and hope it may be cooler for you than it is here.


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Hi Dawn

It is hot here too. We had a break for a few days when the temperature got down into the 90s but this week should be all 100s again. No humidity makes it a lot more bearable. Heat index was actually about 5 degrees lower than the actual temperature.

I love the air conditoning. I have gotten really spoiled sense I left Louisiana. I like cool dry weather and if I can't get that I am glad to have hot dry weather :!:

Anyway hope you and all of our missing people are off having a great time somewhere. Take care. Lillian

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Quiet day here, wife is working and no grandkids here. Just me and the dog.Speaking of beans Dawn,my mom used to make ham and beans that I just loved. She would soak the beans over night before cooking them. After mom passed away 8 years ago I never had them again because I figured it took to long to soak the beans and all. Then about a year ago I was in the store and I noticed great northern beans in the can. I never knew you could buy them already cooked. I bought some and they tasted pretty darn good altho they do have some of the undesired side effects my mom's also had. :oops:

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