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Thursday's Air


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Morning folks! It's just after 8 am and we're rolling down the road through Jasper County SC. After yesterday's meltdown through part of which I'm declaring "put me on a plane. I want to go home," Stan is taking it easy. No rush this morning. He even suggested we look for a Cracker Barrel for breakfast tomorrow. Oh wow, I love their oatmeal and blueberry muffins. He's getting the idea that all this just driving and driving is not a lot of fun. He stopped early last night (around 4 pm) so the plan is not to visit his sister until Friday. That's really better because we didn't want to arrive too late in the day. And that way, we can stay at a site Friday night and hit the Baltimore/Washington mess in the wee hours of Saturday morning. We don't have any big schedules to meet anyway.

Hope you are all going to have a great day. And ts, I have to say, you sound like you have the most awesome place for ice cream! Ann, one more day til Friday.

Judy in SC

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Good morning Judy

Another sunny day expected here but we are supposed to get a little cooler than expected this weekend due to a tropical storm off the coast south of here. I sure hope it stays in the 90s the evenings are just beautiful.

I'm not crazy about that part of 95 but I do envy you being on the road. I always loved that. Oh boy Craker Barrel. They have the best chicken and dumplings next to my mom's and the same for biscuits and home made bread. I do a fair job on them but can't come close to as good as theirs or especially my Mama"s.

I am trying to be good after all of the cooking (and eating) I did last weekend and Monday. Bad thing about the diet is that I am going down to spend a few days with my sister in law this weekend and they are having a big bar b que for her 70th birthday. I am already off my schedule while down there, throw in a bar b que with all the trimmings and my diet is shot once again :oops:

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I am glad you are feeling (emotionally) better. You obviously needed that melt down after all the stress you have been under lately. And I am glad that your hubby recognizes it and is doing his best to give you some "air". He sounds like one of the good guys.

Lilly, don't worry about the diet...just enjoy yourself and start again the Monday after. Sounds like you are doing good with it anyway and the exercise you are getting helps as well.

Well, not another scorcher today in NTX. At 11:30 is was still only 83 thanks to the clouds. I hope they burn off this afternoon as that is the only way we are going to get an rain this evening, but even if they do the high is only supposed to be about 90, so that is still much cooler. Next week the temps are supposed to be in the upper 80s to low 90s with mid to upper 60's at night. It will be so nice to sit out on the back patio or front porch in the evenings and watch the dogs run.

Nothing new on tap for today except to listen to the radio and play on the computer.

I hope you all have a great day.


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Dawn, yes, he is one of the good guys but even good guys finish last sometimes lol.

Enjoy your cool evenings. That's one thing we lack in Key West. Whatever the daytime weather, particularly in the summer, it only varies a few degrees in the evening. I notice the difference even on mainland FL there is more day/night variation in temp.

I'm have a slow down time kind of day myself. Hope you are all having a good, if not leisurely, day.

Judy in Rocky Mt NC

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