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Thursday's Air


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Morning folks! It's just after 8 am and we're rolling down the road through Jasper County SC. After yesterday's meltdown through part of which I'm declaring "put me on a plane. I want to go home," Stan is taking it easy. No rush this morning. He even suggested we look for a Cracker Barrel for breakfast tomorrow. Oh wow, I love their oatmeal and blueberry muffins. He's getting the idea that all this just driving and driving is not a lot of fun. He stopped early last night (around 4 pm) so the plan is not to visit his sister until Friday. That's really better because we didn't want to arrive too late in the day. And that way, we can stay at a site Friday night and hit the Baltimore/Washington mess in the wee hours of Saturday morning. We don't have any big schedules to meet anyway.

Hope you are all going to have a great day. And ts, I have to say, you sound like you have the most awesome place for ice cream! Ann, one more day til Friday.

Judy in SC

P.S Even in my hysteria I soon realized flying home was not an option. He's towing my car behind the coach and I'd get home and NO WHEELS, yikes!

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