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health insurance for lung cancer patients??


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If you have advanced lung cancer, would anybody be willing to take one under their health insurance? Dad doesnt have private health insurance just the state insurance, so it may seem he has to stick with them. I want to know IF anybody can cover him and what it would cost per month??

thanks in advance


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Guest Janet W

I recently tried to get disability insurance, in case I got sick again and lost my income -

They wouldn't touch me with a 10 foot pole.

I was told it would be like that. I have to wait until I hit the 5 year mark before anyone will consider me again.

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Well this came up in the chat room one night and as we were all chatting it became apparent that different states have different rules regarding pre-existing conditions. Some have a waiting period before coverage etc. I have just checked into putting my husband onto my insurance because his is so crappy and it was no problem. In Michigan it's not a problem. So you need to check in your state.

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