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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! The sun couldn't manage to stay out any length of time yesterday and it rained all night into the morning. It's out now and the sky looks fairly clear.

Heidi, good to see you. I've been wondering where you were. I haven't had a chance to go into your profile and pull up all your posts so I can see when the last one was. That's what I do when my friends go missing LOL. New computer, awsome.

Lily, I never met an overgrown child I didn't like. Think people would say I fall into that category too and it's got nothing to do with size. I remember when we knew most of the people in my neighborhood and I could just go outside and find someone to talk to. No more. I envy you that.

Dawn, meatloaf for breakfast sounds like my husband's kind of breakfast. I'm glad you didn't get to that floor. When I read you were going to, I thought I should do mine too (in the RV). Didn't!

I'm off to straighten up--again. We're having company and I also have to pack for the weekend. Friday and Friday night into Saturday and Saturday night depending on how I feel. I've always been crazy for this pj party at Sea Isle but the change in date for the real party (Sep 19) resulted in two get-togethers on subsequent weekends. Not quite the same as our traditional affair. Oh well, it (they) will be fun.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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Morning, everyone.

It's supposed to be another warm one here in NTX, but the high is only supposed to get to about 93, which is a veritable cool front after the last couple of weeks ( with the exception of the few days it has been lower). The forecast is for scattered showers which we are supposed to have a better chance for tomorrow.

Still haven't gotten to the floor, but I did get all the dishes taken care of. And towels and blankets washed and folded and put away. My girls helped with all of of it so we got it done. Still more to do as we have let them pile up.

I am thinking cold cereal this morning for breakfast. I hope you all have a good and blessed day.


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