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Morning All! I slept in this morning and will probably lose the net sooner now. Am already getting the notice that Explorer can't open the page. Tried again and got in. Still no satellite TV since the storms last weekend and it's a bright sunny day again. Hope the weather holds out. We'll be here another week. Hubby's going to get a roll of cable wire today. Our host offered to let us run a line to the coach when we first came. My husband is caving now on that.

It's strange I don't feel wired like I usually do with the steroids the first few days. Wondering if it's the different stuff they gave me with them this time--Aloxi, anyone hear of it. I'm a little bummed that they didn't just follow my normal protocol. They said they use it for naseau but I only get it a little a couple of days and I use zophran. The main side effect of Aloxi is constipation. Add that to the constipation effect of Alimta and I should have a great week. Just when I thought I had the Alimta effect knocked. Oh well.

I'm planning on doing some work in the computer today. We'll see how it goes. I have people who want to visit this week but everyone's telling me I should rest until my party on Saturday. I know they're right but hate to tell anyone no if they are willing to drive the distance down here. Still mulling it.

Mike, good to see you turning out the lights. Glad you enjoyed your reunion. I've only missed one in forty-seven years. That was the year I was dx'd the same month as the reunion. I've also attended all 49 of my husband's and we'll definitely do that next year. We both had fun party classes and a number of people married into the other's class so we know lots of people and really looked forward to them.

Have a great day everyone. Hope all of you with questionable weather patterns have the best today. If this day holds like it looks right now, it will be glorious. Sunny and cool.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

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