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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Am plugging through this first post-infusion week and doing o.k. Even got a good four hours work in yesterday. I wish the weekend would come though, I'm ready to get on the road for home.

The bird population shrunk this trip. I think we were here earlier last year. Or maybe the cooler weather come on in the North sooner. I saw 9 or ten varieties last year but only four or five this year. We have seen the deer a couple of time but more glimpses than jumping into view like last year. The turkeys are thick as thives, and my groundhog (I was born on groundhog day) comes to feed frequently. My husband shakes birdseed on the ground for ground feeders.

We'll leave here in a week and take the scenic route over 81 and I don't know whatever. I'm not the driver or navigator. Most I do is look for Walmarts and RV sites. Don't know when we'll get home but are allowing a week before I need to be home a day before my appointment with the oncologist in Key West.

In case you missed the drama at the beginning of this trip, I have been dealing with that since before I left. The last time I talked to them, they were being very cavalier about my treatment--wasn't sure they could get it together in a week after the onc sees me to give me my Alimta on schedule. Perhaps they could do it the following week? But, the woman assured me, what they could do it let me know exactly how much it was going to cost me before I started. Believe that!

Oh well, have to keep positive. I'll wrap this up with "have a great day," and hope I get through one or two posts before I get kicked off.

Judy in Pittsgrove NJ

P.S Welcome back Heidi. Missed you. Good luck with your physical ails.

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Good Morning Judy! I love your job to look for Walmart and RV sites. My job is always co-pilot and of course awake, alert and criticizing all around. Does not make for a good time cause sometimes my pilot gets fed up and walks away and I have to take over :oops: Anywyas busy day for me 8 hour shift split in to and a doc appt I am about ready to tell my doc if he can't prove he knows what he is doing I am going to find a new pcp (which I have but my appt is still out a ways :roll:

Good Morning Bruce hope all is well with you!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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Good morning all. I know how exciting it can be to see all of those birds. We have a lot of birds here but many that I miss. There were so many when I lived up in the French Gulch in the mountains. The ones I miss the most are the Robins because I always felt them as a sign from Johnny.

When my husband and I traveled with our travel trailer I was always the navigator. Maybe that is why it was the only time we got along. He was afraid I would get him lost if we argued :roll:

Anyway just want to let you know that there is a book called the Exit Guide. It lists every exit on all of the interstates and some of the other major roads across the country. All WalMarts, drug stores, camp grounds, gas stations, hospitals, grocery stores and recreation areas are listed. You know almost to the 1/4 mile how far you have to go to find them. It sure does help especially if you are running low on gas or need something to eat or drink along the way.

It is always great to travel but I could never go full time. I am by nature a home body and after about 3 weeks I am so homesick that I don't know what to do with myself. I am planning my vacation to be with my family in Louisiana for Christmas but this year I am only planning to stay a month.

Oh did anyone see the biggest looser last night? The woman Abby Davis on the green team who lost all of her family to a drunk driver taught at the high school where my grandchildren have all gone in Louisiana. She taught my oldest grand daughter. Her story is just so tragic it really makes you stop and think and above all appreciate what you have.

Well got to go. I am making a shrimp okra gumbo for myneighbor and his son. My stove is waiting :!:

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Morning All,

Well, I got my rain. Boy! Did I get my rain!....lol. Sometimes I guess you have to be careful what you ask for. But we needed it so it's still all good. At least we are now not in a drought which is what usually happens this time of year even if it is only temporary. I am just grateful for the cooler temps.

It's also a good thing that I haven't gotten to that floor yet as now, after all this rain, the dogs have tracked in mud. It will just have to wait until the rain is out of the forecast; maybe by Monday we will get it mopped. Still have to sweep it up every day, but that is not as hard a chore as mopping.

I have nothing planned today, but watch the rain later in the day (forecasted 70% this afternoon and evening) from the front porch and enjoy to cooler temps.

Hope you all have a good day.


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