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Holiday Poem for the bereaved


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Dear Bereaved Heart:

The death of your loved one

has forced you to start

A new type of living

That's hard on the heart

Undecorating your life

Of it's angers and fears

Is not easy to do

Without shedding tears

And untying your guilt

Can release a bundle of strife.

Questions are stirred up

About living and life.

Don't be concerned now

With invitations, big meals

See how the little stuff

Handles and feels.

Let the love of your family,

Neighbors and friends

Uphold and sustain you

When you're at loose ends

Most eager to be there,

Willing to share.

Tell them your needs,

And they'll show you they care.

They'll take you shopping,

Write cards, even cook.

Let that stuff go now

Get yourself off the hook.

You need time for healing,

You've much work to do.

Your heart needs mending--

Give that gift to YOU.

Take a walk , read a book,

Try something your style

Make sure it's relaxing,

Makes you pause and rest awhile

When holiday invitations

knock at your door,

Don't say "yes" to five

When you only want four

If you wish to remember

Your loved one who died,

Plant a tree, give a gift

Let your heart be your guide

This season of wonder

Can bring you relief

If you're willing to unwrap

Your tears and your grief.

Please listen, Bereaved Heart,

Stay close and please dare

To open your package

And let others care.

Signed, your friend

To all the bereaved hearts on this board, I wish you peace this season.


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