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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! I'm late but this is my third attempt at the Air this morning. First I misfired on the "Submit" button and lost the whole thing. After we got on the road, I opened the site again but was interrupted by a phone call. On the road, you don't sit on the internet without doing something because you're sure to freeze up or get kicked off.

Got hubby into relaxation mode for sure. It was after 9:30 before we left this morning and he'd been up since 5:30 am. Seemed perfectly content. He usually does rest at home after his morning walk. We walked down to the lake last night. I've been wanting to stay here for years and we finally hit it around the right time. It's a very large lake. I would have like time to fish. The campground is in North Santee at exit 102 right on I-95. Their address says Summerton SC. I would have preferred Geri's spot on the ocean somewhere in the Carolinas but that will keep for another trip. Don't want to push my luck with the man LOL.

Will, it was great to see you on the Air yesterday (you too Randy!). It was funny because my husband just asked about you. He's kind of gotten to know people on the site because I talk about you all like you're right here with me. When he asks abouit you Will, he usually says something like "what about the guy on the rig, have you heard from him?" I think he's enchanted with your job. No really, I could picture him having done that. He loved being at sea on a carrier so a couple of weeks on a rig wouldn't have fazed him LOL.

I've arranged to pick up my medications at Walmart in Savannah GA today. I think it's so cool the way I've been able to do it this trip. But we don't have a Walmart in Key West so when I get home I'm going to my PCP and get new scripts so I can use Prescription Solutions. If any of you don't know about it, it is a mail order outfit that sends three months at a time and honors our Medicare RX plan. My husband has been using them for awhile.

Have a great day everyone. I know I will!

Judy in SC

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