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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Did I lose a day? I know I came online to do an Air yesterday. Maybe it never happened. Or maybe I misfired on the "Send" button again. It's happened. I've lost track.

It's the last leg of this journey and I'm a little sad. We're at our familiar stop in Port St Lucie but my daughter and grandson aren't here. They are on a cruise and I hope they are having a great time but I miss them terribly. I'm not as anxious to be getting home this time. It feels like going back to the real world. The real world is the place where you look around and see all this work instead of fun that needs to be done LOL. We have tentative plans for dinner out with neighbors tonight. I'd better drink some coffee later today.

Had a terrible thought this morning about my plans to do water aerobics. What if the low end of the pool is too deep for me to stand in without my mouth in the water LOL. I think that's happened before too. Remember I am vertically challenged. I'm going to ask the depth of the water before I sign up.

Judy in Port St Lucie 5 hrs from home

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Good morning Judy

I know what you mean about getting home from a trip especially when you have a travel treiler or a motor home. You have your own bed and seat so you don't miss the ones at home. Still if you have family it is nice to see them then leave again lol :!:

I loved when we traveled and looked forward to getting home to see my family. That seemed the only time my husband and I really got along well. Once we turned into the driveway things changed very quickly. I was always ready to leave again.

I know what you mean about the water arobics. I never learned to swim so I am always afraid of water. Still when I took a client to the Y one time I almost joined. The pool for the water arobics was seperate from the other so it was all one depth about 2 1/2 feet deep. Unfortunately where I lived and my job made it not worth what it would cost so I never went. It did look like fun though.

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