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Afternoon All! It's a beautiful HOT day in Key West. I'm glad to be home--I guess. Our reentry late yesterday was a little bumpy. My husband discovered a major water leak under the house after he turned the main water valve back on. We were set to go out to dinner with friends so it was shower in the coach again. My wonderful handyman has it fixed now.

I made a major effort to go out last night because I wanted to see the neighbors and one is leaving next week. Besides we- haven't done dinner at John's in awhile. It is a beautiful outdoor setting in Duval Square. After traveling all day and dinner last night, I got to bed around 10 pm after a short wind-down when we good home. Not surprised I slept til 8 am. Very rare for me but welcome this morning. After all, it's Sunday. A day of rest, right?

Well, lots to do (forget that rest) so wishing you all a great day.

Judy finally in Key West

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Good morning Judy. I am glad you are home safe and sound. I know it takes a couple of days to wound down so hope you have time with no more problems.

It was hot and sunny again yesterday. It got up to 108 by some tv channels 110. It is supposed to reach 103 today but it may go even higher. It was only supposed to be 104 yesterday. I know that sounds terrible and it is no picnic but with low humidity it is not as bad as you would think. One day this past week our humidity was only 2%. Everyone is wishing for a raining winter this year. I will wish too but I am asking that a line be drawn. Everywhere that has been in drought so far has had it broken by flood rains. I don't want that, I saw it happen here in 1955.

I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and for the most part it is for me. I spend a lot of the day on the phone with my kids. It is one of only 3 days where there is not something going on that I let myself feel obligated to join in. Sunday I save for me.

Today I am cooking a big dinner for myself and my neighbor and his son. They both love my cooking and we have become great friends. I am making pork roast with mash potatoes, corn home made bread and peach cobler. I love doing that and they really appreciate it. Two men alone don't do a whole lot when it comes to cooking normally and they are both big eaters. I really enjoy their company too.

We are just really good friends but I don't mind admitting that if I were 10 years younger :oops: At least for the first time sense Johnny died nearly 7 years ago I see a man as a man. I am sure some of the widows will understand what I mean. I need the company of a man and the appreciation they give when I cook for them. As far as anything else, I'm afriad it is too late for that and I will always be hopelessly in love with my Johnny. Still it is nice to have made some progress and to feel a little more like a woman than I have for a very long time.

well I am off. My work awaits me. Have a great day everyone!!

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