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How do I say goodbye


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I wrote this in 2005 not quite 3 years after I lost Johnny. I may have posted it back then. I am really not sure. I have shared it with a few people and have been told it is quite good. I am not to sure about that but it comes straight from my heart and says what I and I am sure so many others feel.

How do I say goodbye

The kisses and hugs and the glint in your eye

How do I say goodbye

Our love brought laughter and tears

So much we had missed through the years

Such joy did we find in everyday life

Now memories each day cut like a knife

Death came so swiftly like a thief in the night

One minute you were with me, the next gone from my sight

The world kept on turning, how could that be

Why did I stay, what is left here for me

I have more compassion, more time for a friend

Yet I wonder each day where will it end

I hold on to memories and they make me cry

But how can I say goodbye

The flowers of spring, a bird on the wing

Words to a song that you used to sing

I see you in the Autumn leaves, the blue of the sky

How can I say goodbye

In all that I do and all that I see

You are a memory

I can't touch you or see your smile

Yet every once in a while

I feel a gentle touch like a breath on my skin

And it seems you are with me again

For a split second a scent from the past

After so long how does it last ?

So much I hold on to and the wind seems to cry

I'm with you, I'm with you, no need for goodbye

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I loved reading that poem when you emailed it to me and I love it now. You're a strong woman Lillian. Even during our phone calls you managed to give me strength even though you yourself are suffering right now. That says a LOT about how special you are and I know that Johnny is so very proud of you.

Together....we can do this right?

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Thank you so much. You can not imagine how much your remarks mean to me. I am feeling so much the need to be needed and wanted. Being able to reach out to you and so many others is a God send to me.

Randy too is always there knowing what to say or do and I thank Barbb also for the wonderful pm she sent

I know this is just a stage I am going through and in time I will be my old bouncy self (well do I have to say old?) It is just today I was feeling a little down.

I tried to think of new words to a new poem to describe my feelings but none came and none could say it better than the one I already wrote.

Again thanks to you and all who have reached out to help me feel better when I know that your pain right now is so much more raw than mine. God bless and keep you strong. I love you all so much.

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