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Saturday's Air


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Imagine my surprise, to wake up at noon and find no Air yet. AAHH, well, I figured that with the Walk going on today and me stuck here in the house with the remanants of an ER room visit severe migraine, I could start the air today.

It's a balmy day today in NTX, just 63 degrees at this late hour of the morning (I know it is technically afternoon, but it still fills like morning to me), lots of sunshine, and a nice breeze. I plan on trying to wash a fur baby or two today (since it stopped raining we have been over-run with fleas) and sweep the floor and then veg out the rest of the day.

I hope you all have wonderful things planned to do today to get you out into the lovely weather.


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Judy is busy in Port St Lucie with Family this weekend! Thanks for starting the air. Quiet and Nice outside today but had to work inside so no rest for the weary tomorrow!!! Off to supper with parental Units!!!

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:D Randy,

I knew Judy was busy with a well-deserved break. I just figured one of the other girls or even you yourself might have gotten up before me (which is not uncommon when I am on steroids as I don't sleep at night). and started it.

But I'm not fussing about it, I was just surprised cause I was so late. I am usually up with or before the sun.

I would also like to say I would love to see more of your comments as you are always hilariously funny and upbeat. Sometimes, your comments are the first to make me smile and chuckle and that always sets me up for a good day.


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