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'How to Help a Friend with Cancer ' ... Tune in to Lori Hope


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8:30 ET

7:30 CT

5:30 PT

http://lungcancer.about.com/b/2009/11/1 ... i-hope.htm


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I've certainly inserted my foot in my mouth when talking to my loved ones with cancer. I'm guilty of making well-meaning comments, that later make me cringe. Do you ever wonder what to say - or what NOT to say - to someone living with cancer? Do you know what it takes to help a friend coping with cancer?

Thankfully, someone very special to me can give us a few clues; ideas on what people living with cancer want to hear, and what words are best left unvoiced. Lung cancer survivor - or "breath cancer survivor" as she terms it, Lori Hope has a calling true to her name. Having walked a mile in the shoes of a cancer patient - her own shoes - and having experienced the stigma of a diagnosis of lung cancer, Lori has committed herself to helping those without cancer understand what it takes to truly help someone with cancer.

The event: online radio - everyone can attend!

The date: Thursday, November 19th, 2009.

The time: 8:30 PM ET, 7:30 PM CT, 5:30 PM PT

Kelly Connors, host of RealWomen on Health! will be talking with Lori Hope in a program titled How to Help a Friend With Cancer. The station's website provides details on how to call in to listen. If you happen to miss the broadcast, tune in later online to catch a recording of the show.

Lori will be talking about her personal journey with lung cancer. She will share how she has experienced the stigma ("how long did you smoke?"), and what she has learned that can help each of us become better friends. Her compelling stories will inspire us to hope and action.

In addition to writing a book on the subject - one I recommend to everyone I know who has a loved one with cancer - Lori has been featured as an expert on the Today Show, in Time, the Wall Street Journal, and other media. She writes and speaks frequently about how to keep hope alive through cancer and beyond.

Her book, Help Me Live: 20 Things People With Cancer Want You To Know

is on my nightstand. Even after reading it 15 times, I still say stupid things at times when I talk with cancer survivors. I promise it will remain on my nightstand for the indefinite future.

Her blog, "What Helps, What Hurts, What Heals" is a source of inspiration. For those of us who talk with loved ones and friends with cancer daily, I think of it as having a good breakfast before going out into the world.

And, for anyone interested in joining forces to support people with lung cancer, Lori is planning and producing a major nationwide lung cancer awareness and advocacy event for 2011. Anyone who would like to become involved (as I certainly wish to) can email Lori. Put in the subject line "2011".

Thanks Lori, for building a much needed bridge between those living with cancer and those without cancer who want to show they care.

. . . . . . . . .

(About.com, Lung Cancer Blog by Lynne Eldridge, MD, November 16, 2009)


The information contained in these articles may or may not be in agreement with my own opinions. They are not being posted with the intention of being medical advice of any kind.

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