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Where to donate unused medical supplies???


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Hi, I am from NJ and would like to donate unused plural effusion kits, diabetic needles, unused perscriptions etc. I can not find any place that will take them - this is crazy with so many people in need. Each of the plural effusion kits cost $241.

I was told the American Cancer would take them, but I called twice and no one answers the phone - thats not a very helpful organization!

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.

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No it's not very helpful that they won't answer or return calls.

I would contact your local doctor or hospital, medical clinic, hospice groups or nursing homes and ask them for medical recycle resources. Lots of medical facilities have programs for people who can't afford medical equipment and take donations.

I'd also contact your local pharmacist because they are in the loop about those things as well.

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My only other suggestion aside from asking the hosp/clinics and pharmacists is to contact home health people and maybe place an ad on craigslist.org

I'll do some more checking to see if there is a registry somewhere for items like this.

Thank you all for wanting to help and donate your unused supplies!

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