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Please send a Card to this litltle guy, Gabe!!!!!


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Can You Mail a Christmas Card to a Dying Boy?

Toledo Childrens Hospital

Credit: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gabrield/journal/5 | © http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gabrield/journal/5

There is a small town in Ohio where a terminally ill little eight-year-old boy is anxiously waiting for the Postman to arrive. He is waiting for his Christmas cards.

Gabe fell ill in early November of this year. He woke up complaining of a sore throat but as the day progressed, he told his mother that he had some "chest pains". Just a few days later, he was coughing up blood and his parents rushed him to the

emergency room. The doctors relented and released him on November 18th (his 8th birthday). The days passed slowly, both good and bad, with no conclusive diagnosis. On November 24th, the doctors drained a great deal of fluid from his tiny lungs and took a biopsy.

By December 7th, 2009 at exactly 2:00 PM, his parents arrived back at the doctor's office for the results. They knew it was not good news when the docs asked that Gabe be sent out of the room with a nurse. The oncologist turned and told Gabe's parents that he had "Moderately Differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma" or Lung Cancer.

I cannot imagine the shock of finding out that your precious 8-year-old son has terminal cancer. Statistics show only 5 known cases of children with this type of cancer in the last 50 years. There is no known treatment for children like Gabe, whose tumor is located between his heart and lungs. Surgery is not an option.

Gabe's parents wrote on their son's Caring Bridge webpage,

"here we are, trying not to be mad at heavenly Father and asking for your prayers. Although we do not understand why, nor are we trying, we are trusting that He has a purpose and a plan for Gabe and for our family."

Gabe's little heart's desire is to collect hundreds of Christmas cards this year. That would bring him so much joy.

Can you spare a moment, a stamp, some love? If you can do this (and I pray that you will)

Send Gabe a Christmas card:

Gabe DuBois

627 Pierce St,

Maumee, OH 43537

Wish him a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


(but you have to 'sign-in' to see Gabe's page)

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