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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Every morning I get up the outside temp is a little lower--54 at 8 am this morning. Donna I think you have us all beat with -17. Oh you poor thing.

Ann, you've had that cold so long. The ones that tease you every day when you think you're better then hammer you again each evening are the worst.

I have to tell you Bud, it makes me nostalgic to hear you talking about crappy jigs. My husband used to laugh at some of the ones I bought, but then he'd have to eat crow when I caught fish on them. I must say I much preferred fishing on the lakes and streams up North. When I go out here, I usually risk getting seasick or at least very naseaus.

Janet, I know what you mean. We seem to be well enough now to get up and go for awhile but it's usually followed by a crash and burn.

Michelle, good idea getting prettied up. It usually makes me feel better. No video or slaves right now though. Stan's away and I have to deal with going to town for blood work, dealing with refrigerator repair men, visiting the sick (my friend Loreen had heart surgery). If I have any energy left, I'll go to cancer group but have a feeling I'll miss again.

Heidi, it's nice getting paid at work for nothing but I'll bet going home would have been better lol.

ts, now why did you go and do that! At least it makes me feel better about my new year. I was saying yesterday that I'm not feeling optomistic about 2010 so far given the way my year started.

Well, time to "get started" on another day so have a good one everyone. Hospitalization for a kidnet stone tops a broken refrigerator that was supposedly fixed a few weeks ago.

Judy in Key West

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