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Saturday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 46 degrees here with light rain. It's supposed to clear off and get up to 54 degrees this afternoon. I'm planning on hitching up the boat and going fishing in a couple of hours.

I have some new jigs to try out. I finished making some last night. They're the lead version. I broke out the old setup, coleman stove and lead pot, and poured a few the evening before last. I wanted a few for comparison with the new alloy, plus some practice tying them.

I dutifully wore a respirator, and worked with the garage door open. Rose walked out into the garage, took one look at me standing over the lead pot with a respirator on, and said, "the neighbors are going to call the police and tell them you're cooking dope, dear!" A sign of the times, I guess...

I tied a few last night. It took me two hours just to tie 5 jigs. I better not quit my day job just yet.

Have a great Saturday, all!

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Good morning Bud. I hope the fishing is good. Where do you fish. Are you going for Crappie or Bass? What is the new alloy you are trying? Boy I am all questions this morning. My son is making them now like his dad did and it kind of worries me now. Let me know how the new ones work.

It is damp here this morning and warmer than it has been most of the time sense I got here. I didn't get to go fishing because of the weather and the specks pretty much quit biting. I have gotten to eat plenty though.

Today will probably be my last post until next Thursday while I am in Bakersfield. If I come on Monday it will be brief, almost all of my family are off and my train leaves at 1:25pm.

I hope you all have agreat week and keep me in your prayers for safe travel.

Becky if the bus gets to California after I get home don't forget me. Is Kasey bringing some drinks from the pub? If so I hope you have a Pina Colata with my name on it. All the traveling makes a person thirsty.

Before I forget I want to let you know that I heard from Marisa she is doing well and is supposed to call me when I get home. Don't forget to

keep her in your prayers.

I will be back full time in a week.

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