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  1. Any other moderators getting flooded with spam? It seems that spam guests falsely report spam in topics, and there's a spam link in the email to the moderator, linking to **Word not allowed**, viagra sales, etc. Does the forum need to be changed so that only members can report spam, and not guests?
  2. Welcome, Mary. I am another 5 year survivor of stage 2 squamous cell NSCLC, so hang in there! Sorry to read that yours got into your ribs. From everything I've seen, that always makes for some serious long term pain. How are you doing?
  3. I think the link between food and cancer is way underestimated. One of the things I've concentrated on, to try and help my odds of staying cancer free, is improving my diet.
  4. Looking at all the spam links in his signature, I'm saying the original poster is a spammer, not a serious poster.
  5. Bud Baker


    Thanks, y'all. It was a crazy week. I felt fine last weekend and even did a 76 mile bike ride on Saturday. But in the middle of the night, Sunday night, I got a fever with chills, body aches, and the whole bit. My fever broke by Monday morning and I went to work. But it was back by early Monday evening. This pattern just kept coming back, a fever in the night but ok during the day. Wednesday evening was the fourth day in a row, so I took the time to go to the Dallas VA hospital ER. My symptoms so closely matched that of TB patients, and the chest x-ray, which showed something in what remains
  6. Bud Baker


    Pretty shocking. It's just so hard to get a handle on someone so young and nice dying from this disease. Three weeks ago, she was still hoping to attend the Breathe Deep DFW walk here on Saturday. RIP Sara.
  7. Bud Baker

    Scan results

    Congrats, Diane! Great news!
  8. I think the pulmonary rehab speaker should take an audience volunteer through a demonstration of a pulmonary rehab visit. I don't think most of us know what goes on with pulmonary rehab. I'd be interested in observing.
  9. Congrats, Lysa, and welcome. I remember the party we had on my one year survival anniversary. It remains the largest gathering we've ever had at our house.
  10. And that, to me, is one of the problems with being in cancer mode too much of the time. That thought seems to creep in more often. And with my attitude of quality of life over quantity, I really don't like to think about how I would handle a recurrence.
  11. Janet, so sorry to read about how rough things are going for you. Going through a stretch of really bad quality of life is one thing if there is clearly light at the end of the tunnel. It's quite different if it's not certain that all the treatments causing the bad quality of life are really going to help. When I had cisplatin as an adjuvant after my surgery, it became obvious to me that 4 rounds was going to cause long term problems for me, so I quit after 3 rounds, in spite of my doctors' protests that 4 rounds would give me a better chance at long term survival. That doesn't begin to compa
  12. I'm now coming up on five years of being cancer free, so yes I take breaks from cancer, and my breaks from it seem to be getting longer. Some things do bring me back to it, like the DoD peer review work I'm doing now, and the DFW walk next month, but I guess each of us has to decide for ourselves how much non-cancer "life" is enough, and I would expect how healthy each of us is can have a large impact on how much non-cancer time we do.
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