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Sunday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 36 degrees with mist here this morning, but supposed to turn into a beautiful day with sunny skies and a high of 65 degrees this afternoon.

Lily, in answer to your questions in yesterday's Air, my favorite winter fishing spot is the Brazos River, on the upper end of Lake Whitney. The river is beautiful there, surrounded with high bluffs which make the water always fairly smooth, even in the constant winds we seem to have in the winter here. It's about 40 miles from my house.

I catch more white bass there than anything else, although the jigs and minnows I use also catch crappie, stripers, and catfish. I lost count of how many white bass I caught yesterday, but it was likely between 20 and 30. I caught 5 keeping size crappie, and several little ones.

I kept the crappie, and released everything else. Crappie are better for eating than white bass, and now that my freezer is looking well stocked again, I can be picky about what I keep, and just release most of what I catch. The jigs I used yesterday were still lead jigs. I'm planning on making lead free ones out of a bismuth-tin alloy.

Today, I'm planning on just tinkering around the house this morning, then going for an afternoon bike ride. Have a great day, all!

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Bud i like fish but I have to say there is no better eating than crappie or perch. The specks are good but nothing can compare to the others.

It is still a little cool and cloudy here today. I am at my son's for the day then back to my daughter's tonight. It looks like I will have my whole family to see me off on the train. They will wonder what is going on with all of us there, if the girl friends come with grandsons there should be nearly 20 of us.

Oh yes Bud my son goes every March with some friends and spend the week at Toledo Bend fishing for Bass. Not sure how far you live from there.

How is the bus doing? I will be racing it toward California.

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I forgot to say look out everyone cause the Saints are marching toward the superbowl. If they win next week and go on to the supperbowl and it being played the day of the first Sunday parades of Mardi Gras you won't believe the party they will have in all of Louisiana :lol:

Hey Will if you are reading this I know you are cheering.

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