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My Mom was just diagnosed a few days ago with Limited Small Cell Lung Cancer and what brought her to the emergency room was that she was coughing up a lot of blood. She has no mets that they can find after a complete work-up including Brain CT and Liver Ultrasound. She had her first Chemo last night of Camptosar and Cisplatin. This is her Oncologist's prefered protocol for her type of Lung cancer and this is the Japanese Treatment method that the Harvard Review has recommended. This will be followed up with radiation. She will be having a port put in Tuesday because her Chemo in her poor veins just wouldn't hold up for those 9 hour sessions. I have been reading everyone's posts since she was admitted on Saturday night and have cried so much that I don't think I have many tears left for now. I don't cry in front of Mom as she has such a good spirit about her and she is completely at peace thanks to answered prayer! Both she and my mother-in-law live with myself and husband and the mere thought of losing her has broken my heart but I am really encouraged by your posts here and what her oncologist has said about her protocol of treatment. Where will this take her? I don't know but I do know that everyday counts and that is what we are celebrating - everyday that we have with her! She is so loved by so many people and she herself was a caregiver to her late husband (my stepfather) who died from complications of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 5 years ago. She also took care of her best friend who died from Pancreatic Cancer 6 years ago so she knows what this voyage can mean. Good days and bad days but days here with her family and friends - that is what she finds to smile about and I too will pray that I can also put the tears away to enjoy her with us and not to look too far down that road. I will be reading with a hopeful heart all of your messages here and pray that we all can have wonderful things to post in the coming years. All my best and God Bless you all!

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I just wanted to say I am so sorry. My Mom was diagnosed with limited stage small cell also. I try not to cry in front of my mom either, I feel like she'll think I've given up on her. I just try to find out all I can and keep her optimistic, which is hard sometimes. I wish they had a support group around here for lung cancer, we're in Missouri. There are support groups for so many other types of cancer but not lung cancer. If you've read some of the other posts you probably saw mine about M.D. Anderson, check out their website & ask her oncologist about the C-kit gene (Gleevec) I've had some replies from the other people on the site about 2nd opinions, etc Good luck to you & your mom, I will keep you guys in my prayers. This site is wonderful, hopefully we can all keep eachother up on the latest treatments. I keep telling my mom that this is just a little detour on her path, everyone has obstacles they have to overcome....some are just a lot harder than others. If you haven't read Lance Armstrong's book check it out at the library, it's very inspiring, I checked out the book on CD for my mom so she could listen to it w/ headphones at chemo. Take care, Dana

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Hello CamperJones,

Welcome, I'm sorry to hear that your Mom has SCLC. My Mom was DX with SCLC too 10/02 and it sure is scarey to find out that your Mom has LC. There were many times when I was scared that my Mom would die .. but now I am happy to report that she is in remission and is doing well so far. I hope that you will find comfort here and support. We are all experiencing the same feelings.. you are not alone. Ask questions and you can vent here. Its not easy.. but it is treatable and survivable!

Blessings to you and your Mom.


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Camper Jones,

Just wanted to welcome you here. Sorry you have to be here.:( My mom too has SCLC and I have all of the feelings you have. Everyone here is very supportive, you are going to love coming here.

My mom is doing very well right now, just completed her 4th round of carboplatin and VP-16, scans after 2 rounds of treatment showed significant shrinkage of her tumors.:) There is lots of hope.:)

I will add your mom to my prayers.

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