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Not Lung Cnacer but very inspirational!!!


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Local Singing Star Gets Stomach Removed

Updated: Wednesday, 20 Jan 2010, 9:55 PM CST

Published : Wednesday, 20 Jan 2010, 7:01 PM CST



Health Reporter

HOUSTON - Troy Allan from Beaumont had just lost his "day job" and was about to lose health insurance, so he underwent medical tests to make sure "everything was OK."

At first, his doctor told him he was "the picture of health."

That very day to celebrate his good health, he quickly scarfed down a pizza. He started having severe stomach pains and passed out from the horrific feeling.

He contacted his doctor and basically had to beg for an "Upper GI exam," to take a close look at his stomach. His doctor finally agreed and was shocked at what he found out.

"The doctor's eyes were this big around and said I've been doing this for 15 years and have never seen anything like your stomach. I don't know what it is - but it's bad."

The doctor was right.

Troy had the most aggressive type of cancer there is, called Linitis Plastica. It forms like veins in between layers of the stomach wall.

Patients seldom have any symptoms, so it is usually much too late and patients don't survive. Troy will even be in medical text books now, because he is believed to be the earliest case to ever be diagnosed.

Doctors have high hopes for Troy. He's undergone six months of chemotherapy and radiation and just had his stomach removed.

Throughout it all, he showed up every day with his guitar during chemo. He was inspiring patients at Texas Oncology- Beaumont Mamie McFaddin Ward Cancer Center, up until the day before his big surgery. He shares with them an incredibly touching song called "I Can." He wrote it when his dad was suffering from lung cancer.

Patients are touched that he gives them hope, while he fights for his own life.

"I can't explain what that did to me - it's just an affirmation that yes you can," says one patient who watched Troy sing, with tears in her eyes.

Troy says nothing will slow him down... not even cancer.

"I'm just out here trying to make sure people know what chemo is, what radiation is, because that was my biggest fear!"

His doctor, Dr. Robert Birdwell says Troy has not only touched the patient's hearts, but also the entire staff at Texas Oncology.

"He's been playing around town and all over the country with his chemo pump on - we gave him an extra pump to take to Key West!" says Dr. Birdwell.

Troy gets his strength from lots of places. His Christian upbringing definitely makes a big difference. He has a strong inner strength, and his parents are also a positive force in his life.

His mother, Jo Ann Jones, was devastated when she first found out about his cancer. She says she went into denial, to try to survive the horrible blow.

"He's losing part of his body, which is so hard for a mother. They're taking his stomach out. I thought I did a good job of putting all that stuff in, and now they're taking it out! It's very hard," says his mom.

Troy's strength has helped make her even stronger, and she is now taking care of herself even better and living up to the message he's trying to spread.

"It opened our eyes to get upper & lower GI checks, to make sure we're cancer free!" says Jo Ann.

Luckily, they are cancer free!

"He says don't pity me, be happy! We have a way to stop this stuff. Take care of your body - that's why he wants you to go get examined!" says his dad, A.V Jones.

Troy encourages everyone to be their own health advocate.

Troy got his first guitar when he was only six years old. He's always known he had a mission.

"The funny thing is - this has revealed why I'm here (cancer) - this is what I'm supposed to be doing," he says.

That is - spreading the word through music and appearances that early detection and a positive attitude are imperative for a healthy lifestyle.

Troy will spend about a week in the hospital recovering from his eight hour surgery. He will have a feeding tube at first.

Doctors say eventually, he will be able to eat average portions again. Nothing will slow him down. He's already planning his big tour throughout the Caribbean and Canada, starting in April.

He says no matter what you're going through "just keep telling yourself - 'I can'!"

Troy's musical talents have been well noticed. He netted the Texas Music Awards Top 5 Songwriter and Top 5 Male Vocalist of the Year Award last year!

Many people in our community are trying to help Troy with his huge medical bills. He caught the cancer while he still had health insurance, but he had to undergo months of chemo and radiation plus major surgery without coverage. To help him, go to: www.troyallan.com .

He shares his journey and tries to inspire people with videos he's put on YouTube.com. Watch the video below.

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